Text Box: Text Box:  Leave the Confederate Breastworks overlook and head northeast, on the Shenandoah Mountain Trail, starting at the end of the rock wall by the restrooms. The relatively flat trail passes the intersection of Road Hollow Trail and comes to Jerry’s Run in about two miles. Turn right on Jerry’s Run and descend following the stream for approx. two miles to the intersection with the Ramseys Draft stream. Turn right and follow Ramseys Draft for about 2.5 miles back to the Mountain House Picnic Area.
 Note: This is a wilderness area and the trail can be difficult to follow. Stay close to the stream in a downhill direction. It is necessary to frequently cross the stream, so try to pick a day when the water is not up due to heavy rains or snow melt.
Text Box: Driving Directions From Staunton
 Take Rt. 250 West towards Monterey. Go through Churchville and West Augusta. When the road starts to climb the mountain, watch for Mountain House Picnic Area on the right. Park a vehicle here and continue up the mountain with a second vehicle. At the crest of the mountain there is an overlook on the right with a restroom to the side. This is the Confederate Breastworks overlook. The trailhead begins at the end of the rock wall by the restrooms. 
 Note: Do not confuse the correct trail with the blue blazed informative trail to the left.